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  "Hello, I have to say that I love these!! now I can put eye makeup on...Thank you"

                                                                    Terri Colunga, Alta Loma, California

     "I received my makeup eyeglasses today and tried them out as soon as I opened the box.  First, let me say they are an incredible product that does what the advertising says it does!  I will highly recommend them to all my friends who are "cock-eyed" when they put on makeup and really need these glasses.  Second, your product is beautifully conceived, packaged attractively, and the instructions are clear, concise, and easy to store...I never throw away the original boxes of great products. They are far superior to anything else on the market (especially those drop-down lenses) that ever was. I especially like the eyeglass case...it is a nice little plus which advertises to the buyer that you care about your invention/product.   And the price is competitive, reasonable, and for a product like this, I would pay even $20 more.  I just love them!"

                                                                    Cathy Buckwalter, Loudonville, New York


        "I have received my glasses on Friday 20th . I have used them that same evening and they are FANTASTIC ! Thanks a lot for the quick delivery and I will recommend them to others. Thanks once again"

                                                                      Mary Anne Borg, Mellieha, Malta

 “Thank you, thank you, thank you! Finally, someone has made a pair of makeup eyeglasses that works. I have tried others, but still could not see clearly. I received them yesterday and tried them this morning, what a difference to actually being able to see what I am doing. You have a wonderful product and I would very highly recommend it to women like me, who absolutely cannot see without specs.”

Berit Dean, The Village, Florida

“I love my glasses they've helped me so much to see how to put on my eye liner, and mascara. Your invention is wonderful, and I for one just want to say thank you for helping so many of us women who have a disability with our eyes. You’re a wonderful lady, I wish you well.” 

Sherry Clarkson, Pattonville, Texas. 

        "I have received the make up eyeglasses and my mother loved it. I'm sure that you
have heard that from a lot of people but your  invention is really great and it helped my mother a lot and that is why she asked me to place another order which I did today the 27th of July 2007. I had to search the internet for it because we heard about your
great invention via an article in a magazine.

 Mohammed Hakim, Springfield Gardens, New York

         " I just received my glasses today and I cannot tell you how pleased I am with
them. Thank you for making this necessity a reality!"

Teryl Hollins, Pasadena, CA.

        “While I was putting my makeup on this morning, I thought about you and how much I appreciate having your glasses to efficiently complete my task.  I don't know how I ever managed without them. I leave the house in the morning confident that my makeup is as it should be.”

Meryl Layton, West Caldwell, New Jersey.

“I have received your eyeglasses the 3 January. It's fantastic.”

Jean-Marc Vanderstraeten Brussel, Belgium. 

             "We received the glasses on Friday the 8th. My wife has used them and they are perfect. Please feel free to use our names as a reference for your makeup glasses that have given your business an excellent reputation."  


                                                            Doris and Rex Lewis. Northford, Connecticut



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