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Demonstration page: See the quality features of these internationally patented makeup eyeglasses.


Awards and Recognition

  • Gold Medal winner - 2006 International Exhibition of Inventions, Geneva Switzerland, the world's most prestigious invention show.
  • Gold Medal winner and Trophy for the Prize of the Minister-President at the 2004 Brussels Eureka International Invention Show, Brussels, Belgium.
  • Gold Medal winner-INPEX International Invention Show, Pittsburgh, Pa. Largest in the USA
  • These makeup eyeglasses have drawn media attention on television, major newspapers and magazines around the world.
  • Featured on New Jersey Business hosted by Marlene J. Waldock on News 12 New Jersey television
These makeup eyeglasses are lightweight, comfortable and easy to use. They fold flat and come in a  protective pouch and are ideal for travel. They are made for use with a regular mirror.






















The ultimate anti-aging makeup accessory that a woman over 40 cannot be without!

30 million women over age 40 in the United States have trouble applying makeup because of blurry vision caused by the natural aging process.

Sylvana Belle Eyes makeup eyeglasses solve this problem because they are the only makeup eyeglasses in the world that provide 20/20 vision in both eyes simultaneously while applying makeup.

Invented by a woman, these magnifying makeup eyeglasses result in perfect application of makeup in reduced time and make a woman feel and look younger.

Sylvana Miceli, the inventor, demonstrates her
makeup eyeglasses

    No more “flip” makeup glasses that do not correct vision in the eye receiving makeup where vision should be the clearest.

    No more distortion from magnifying mirrors that do not correct vision and result in uneven and over-application of makeup.

    Now say goodbye to heavy eye makeup, clown cheeks and lipstick on and around the lips.

    With 20/20 vision from these makeup eyeglasses, women will now feel confident knowing their good looks, look good.


Protected by US Patent No.6,010,215 and International patents

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Last Updated 1/4/2017